Hephzibah High Cafeteria Grand Re-opening

Students at Hephzibah High School have recently been introduced to a healthier, updated lunch menu and accommodations. Hephzibah High School celebrated a Cafeteria Grand Re-Opening on Monday, January 30. The Cafeteria renovations include new seating, modernized signage, and professional uniforms for the kitchen staff. Menu options now include healthier choices for students with fresh options including fruit and salad bars. A popular choice among students is the newly added 'Top it Off Station.' This addition allows students to choose a variety of sauces and seasonings to complete their meal choice. This is a great opportunity to see the positive changes throughout the Richmond County School System for our students. Westside High School has also gotten a 'taste' of the updated menu as the cafeteria and accommodations have also been renovated.