Junior Beta Club Sponsors Guatemalan Student


The Junior Beta Club students from Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School are having a world-wide impact through an innovative community service project. The Junior Beta Club president, Tyler Sims, was inspired to make a difference in the world; he researched several service projects that his peers and he could participate in and stumbled across the Yuda Band website which focuses on raising money to send children in third-world countries to school. The money is raised by students selling wristbands that are handmade in Guatemala.  

After making the proper arrangements, the seventh grade Junior Beta students were able to Skype with their sponsored student, Duglus Chavez, a 14-year-old boy from Guatemala; through this experience, students were able to break down language and travel barriers to understand different cultures and share a common story. The goal is to sell 326 bands so they can fund Duglas’ total high school education! They are well on their way to meeting this goal.