Davidson Fine Arts Magnet Students Audition for Nickelodeon

"I would really like to pursue a career in musical theatre," says Elaine Beachum as Quintavious Hurst chimes in, "I am definitely pursuing a career in theatre, I would love to act." Both students were recently selected to travel to Atlanta, GA to audition for Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon has been selecting middle and high school students from across the country for new talent auditions. Both eleventh grade students at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School have already begun their careers in acting, both theatre and film. "I currently have a role in a production with the Augusta Players," said Beachum as Hurst adds, "And I actually received my second call-back from Nickelodeon, I am pretty excited as to where this will take me." Congratulations to all Davidson Fine Arts students selected to audition for Nickelodeon!